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Feb 24, 2020

For the month of February, we sit down with queer Asian Americans to learn more about how they navigate finding love here in America.
This episode, we sit down with Robin Mele, a queer second-generation Taiwanese-American therapist in NYC and learn more about them navigating through their asexual, panromantic, and polyamorous identity. We talk about identities, stereotypes, dating apps, and so much more!
Robin Mele (they/them/theirs) is a queer second-generation Taiwanese-American who currently works as a therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit for adolescents at a public hospital in New York City. They have a master's degree in dance/movement therapy, and they have their yoga teaching certification. They currently identify as asexual, panromantic, and polyamorous.
This episode, we cover:
  • How Robin got started in their career working as a therapist.
  • What is dance movement therapy?
  • Growing up biracial white and Asian.
  • How they discovered their asexual, panromantic, and polyamorous identity.
  • Facing stereotypes with these identities.
  • Why it’s not about adding more labels and more understanding ourselves.
  • Navigating being asexual, panromantic, and polyamorous within the Asian community.
  • Thoughts on dating apps, inclusivity in the space, and superficiality
  • How to navigate racial fetishism.
  • Why timing is everything in love and relationships.
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