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Apr 2, 2020

This episode, we talk about the continued struggles with COVID-19 here in NYC. But in light of this, there is also opportunity to connect with friends, family, our finances, emotions, feelings, and the planet. We also touch on some of the discriminatory laws that were recently passed against trans folks in Idaho.
This episode, we talk about:
  • The current state of COVID-19 in NYC
  • Finding opportunity in our living situation right now, amidst everyone staying at home
  • Taking time to deepen our relationship with those we are living with
  • Practicing unconditional love and kindness for those we struggle with
  • How to become more present with our feelings and emotions
  • Clamping down on our finances
  • How might we improve our relationship with this planet
  • The recent discriminatory bill passed by Gov. Brad Little hurting our trans community in Idaho
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