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Apr 9, 2020

We are living in an unprecedented era with many of us confined in our own homes, facing uncertainty around COVID-19, and experiencing sudden changes in employment. Join us for a session as we have a chat on staying physically and mentally healthy amidst COVID-19, establishing mindfulness to stay present and peaceful, understanding trauma responses during difficult times, and managing sudden shifts in employment.
This episode, we talk about:
  • Establishing mindfulness to stay present and peaceful
  • Managing physical health with COVID-19 and what are recommendations on staying safe from this virus
  • Maintaining mental health with balance and routine during shelter-in-place
  • Establishing boundaries to prioritize ourselves
  • Staying connected and navigating social media and news during a pandemic
  • Understanding trauma response during turbulent times
  • What are some opportunities we have during these difficult times
  • Managing sudden shifts at work
  • Resources to help those that are facing unemployment
Our guests on this podcast are:
Ning Jo (he/him) is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He specializes in gender, sexuality, and cultural influences on mental health.
Marti G Cummings (they/them) is a candidate for NYC Council District 7, drag artist, comedian, activist, and spouse. They currently sit on community board 9, serving the people of Upper Manhattan and are an advisory on the Mayor's nightlife council. 
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