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Jul 30, 2020

In this episode, we are joined by Amazin LeThi, LGBTQ+ sports ambassador, former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive, and fitness author to chat about current events and her life journey. We talk about trans-racial issues, equity and representation in media, and body positivity, homelessness in our queer community, and so much more.

Amazin LeThi (she/her) is an Athlete Ally and Stonewall sports ambassador, former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive and the first Vietnamese internationally published fitness author. Through her personal journey of homelessness she founded the Amazin LeThi Foundation. Amazin has shared her story for ‘Its Gets Better’ campaign and the first White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Asian anti-bullying campaign 'Act to Change'. She has been recognized by GLAAD and NQAPIA for her LGBTQ advocacy. She was the first Asian LGBTQ Athlete in 2020 to be honoured at the Brooklyn Nets 4th Annual Pride Night, she has also been listed in the  Australian Pride Power List, Out 100 List, Go Magazine 100 Women We Love List, 2020 Global Changemakers and acknowledged in the Human Rights Campaign - Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Honours list.


On this episode we talk about:

  • Managing through this current pandemic and ways Amazin is finding balance of news with classical music and fitness
  • Her story growing up in Saigon and being adopted into a trans-racial family in Australia
  • The complexities of racism and prejudice between trans-racial adoptees and their family
  • Getting involved with weight training as the only queer and Asian individaul as an eight year old.
  • Going back to Vietnam and reconnecting with her Asian identity
  • The duality of identity between East and Western culture, hypersexualized and de-sexualized Asian men and women in media
  • Becoming open to vulnerability and accepting ourselves unconditionally
  • Body positivity within the queer community and gender roles we are often asked to play into
  • Queer Asian representation in our media, education and history books
  • Homelessness and its impact to our LGBTQ+ youth, mental health, and livelihoods
  • The power of solidarity and sharing our stories together


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