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Sep 18, 2020

In this episode, we are joined by Rain Valdez to talk about her journey from the Philippines and Guam to the Emmy-nominated actress and producer she is today. We talk about her Emmy-nominated show, Razor Tongue, as well as her recent work on Disclosure highlighting the impact Hollywood has had on the trans community. We have a beautiful conversation with Rain about trans talent and the importance of visibility and stories in media.

Rain Valdez is an Emmy nominated actress most notably known for Razor Tongue, Transparent and Why Women Kill. She's an award-winning filmmaker and an out and proud transgender woman and activist. Rain is also the founder of ActNOW, the first and only LGBTQIA+ acting class in Los Angeles that teaches beyond the binary.


On this episode we talk about:

  • COVID-19 check-in and finding motivation to get fit during quarantine
  • Her story growing up in the Philippines and Guam
  • Finding pride in her heritage and how it translates into her work
  • Knowing her dream to become an actress early on and getting started with her career
  • The struggles of finding work as an Asian and trans actress
  • When she quit acting and boomeranging back
  • What she asks herself when she questions her dreams
  • Her response to Disclosure on Netflix and why we need to raise trans voices now more than ever
  • What the Emmy nomination means to her, especially as the very first Filipina trans actress
  • Giving trans talent access to more opportunity to tell different stories
  • Why being accessible and creating a loving set is critical towards equity
  • Rain’s inspiration behind her acting class, ACT NOW

“Move mountains with the people that you love. Find people in your community that you want to move mountains … you’ll find joy in creating with those people because you’re doing it together." 

Show notes:


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