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Oct 30, 2020

In this episode, we are joined by Jon Lee-Olsen, a professional ice-hockey player who made headlines as the first openly out player in Europe and third in the world. We talk about his experience coming out nationally, managing relationships alongside a sports career, and his experiences as a transracial adoptee. 

Jon (he/him) is Danish transracial adoptee from Korea who currently lives in Copenhagen Denmark. He was the first to come out as a gay man in professional ice-hockey in Europe and the third in the world. Now he is harnessing his story to help uplift LGBTQ+ and the Asian community.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Experiences of being an Asian transracial adoptee growing up in a white community
  • How he discovered hockey while coming to terms with his own sexuality
  • His experience coming out on national television for the first time
  • Combatting the fears of being the first openly out gay ice-hockey player in Europe
  • How being open about his identity improved his hockey 
  • Lessons in relationships balancing a professional sports career


Show notes:

  • LGBTQ+ organizations (list on Wikipedia)
  • Jon Lee-Olsen comes out nationally (OutSports)
  • You can find Jon Lee-Olsen next at Copenhagen world pride 2021, Eurogames 2021, Athlete ally, Sport leaders conference 2021 (CPH), and Human rights forum 2021 (CPH).


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Instagram: @jonleeolsen

Twitter: @jonleeolsen

Facebook: @jonleeolsen


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