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Nov 7, 2021

We have another beautiful episode chatting about COVID, our mental health, and our future. We're joined by an extra special guest Dr. JT, Jonathan Tolentino, who is the Program Director of the Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency program at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at University of Miami.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The state of COVID and vaccinations
  • Navigating misinformation through COVID
  • How communities have learned through history of AIDS and SARS
  • GaysOverCOVID and quarrels within our queer community during COVID
  • Sexual and ethnic minority stress theory on how we see and react to the world
  • Breaking out of the cycle of comparison, judgement, self-criticism
  • How to become allies with one another - especially within our LGBTQ+ community
  • Becoming more aware of our privilege
  • Jonathan's coming out story
  • Navigating queer identities in the Asian community

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