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Aug 14, 2023

This episode, we’re joined by an extra special guest, Lee-Sean Huang (he/they), a queer first-generation Taiwanese, Cantonese American designer and educator based in New York City and Providence. Lee-Sean Huang is the director of Design Content and learning at AIGA and a co-founder, creative director of Foossa, and teaches design and innovation at Parsons and SVA.

This episode, we talk about:

  • Lee-Sean's "midlife crisis" and how he is navigating a new chapter in his life
  • Navigating corporate world and academia with queer & Asian identities
  • His work with the New School and advocating for teachers
  • The role of creativity and design in social impact
  • Dismantling perfectionism, and leaning into imperfection as an invitation for social change
  • The power of community-centered design

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