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Sep 8, 2019

Superficial: The narrow focus on surface-level attributes, like appearance, status, wealth, and career over things that are more internal like morals, values, and ethics.
This episode, we cover:
  • 3 golden rules of Asian households
  • Superficiality in Asian culture and potential causes
  • Generational trauma
  • Racism,...

Aug 14, 2019

We’re on the second episode!
This week, we dive INTO it with my stories of growing up Asian and gay in America, the feelings of not good enough perpetuated by people and society, and how to overcome it with some insights and compassion.
I go into detail about:
  • Growing up as a 2nd generation immigrant child in...

Aug 4, 2019

Welcome to Yellow Glitter! Mindfulness through the eyes & soul of a queer Asian. Every episode, I share with you what’s on my mind, things I'm be struggling with and how I'm working through it to live a more mindful, fabulous life!
For my first episode, I share what inspired me to do this podcast. I talk about my...