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Jan 24, 2021

This episode, I’m joined by Kim Thai, founder of ganeshspace, an organization dedicated to making mindfulness a more equitable space. We chat about the current politics of America, how we can show up with compassion in activism, understanding ourselves before helping others, and her journey of finding her queer identity after marriage. Enjoy!

Kim Thai is a writer, Emmy-award winning producer, and the founder of ganeshspace, a community organization dedicated to pursuing equity through mindfulness. She is a proud daughter of Vietnamese refugees and is currently living in NYC with her partner and two cats. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Advice on managing this pandemic for extroverts
  • What politics of today say reflect what is happening deep down inside of America
  • How to hold compassion for those we don’t agree with
  • Why we need to first assess our own bandwidth before we give
  • The truth behind humor when it appears during traumatic conversations
  • Her journey coming out of a marriage to discover her queer identity
  • How to show up for oneself to bring change to others around us
  • Ganeshpace and creating equity and collaboration in the mindfulness space 

Show notes:

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